Apr 16 2012

Celebrating Mass: Sponsored friends in Colombia

What are Mass customs and traditions around the world? In this blog post, CFCA explores how sponsored children, youth and aging friends who practice the Catholic faith in Colombia celebrate Mass. Thanks to Harrison Garcia Ruiz, our communications liaison in Colombia, for contributing to this article.

Mass customs in Colombia

Leidy, a child sponsored through CFCA, and her mother pray at Mass in Colombia.

The majority of the families in the CFCA Hope for a Family program in Colombia are Catholic, and they participate actively during Mass.

Boys and girls attend Mass with their families, and they sit down and they listen to God’s Word and the priest’s reflection. The Mass usually lasts for an hour, sometimes 90 minutes.

Leidy is a child sponsored through CFCA for three years. She likes to attend the Mass with her mother, father and little brother Daniel.

“We attend the Mass on Sundays, and we sit down and listen to the priest,” she said. “My favorite part of the Mass is during the sign of peace because we shake hands and we hug each other. It is a happy moment.

“Also, I like the music during the Eucharist. My favorite song is ‘Glory Hallelujah.’ It is a happy song. …

“I pray with my mother and my family, and we pray to God for our needs and I pray to do well at school. I like to talk with God, and I ask God for our health.”

Ruben is another child who has been sponsored for nine years.

CFCA sponsored youth Ruben

Ruben plays guitar outside the church.

He likes to help during the Mass through his music. Ruben has been playing since he was 4 years old.

His father is a talented musician and serves God with his talent during Mass.

Ruben wants to follow in the steps of his father. He has a band.

“I can play many musical instruments like the guitar, drums and the flute,” he said. “Most times I play the drums, and sometimes I sing.

“My favorite songs are the songs during Communion because these songs make us feel closer to God. One of my favorite songs is ‘I Praise You.’

“CFCA brings us closer to God because CFCA teaches us moral values to stay close to God.”

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If you celebrate Mass, in what ways does this sound familiar or different? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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  1. I have been a church musician from the age of 11 to the present – celebrating 25 years this year. I love this story and would love to know more about the music at Masses around the world. Our sponsored child is in the country of Dominica in the Carribbean. Thank you for this story and for all of the wonderful work you do around the world!

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