Mar 29 2012

Diego in Colombia gets his bicycle

Earlier this month we featured Diego, a sponsored child who walked 80 minutes to school in Colombia ñ and that was just one way!

Our CFCA colleagues in Bogota ñ Harrison Garcia Ruiz, our communications liaison, and Judith Bautista, project coordinator ñ worked on getting a bicycle for Diego so he wouldn’t have to walk such a great distance.

Harrison was there as Diego went with his mother to pick out a new bike. These pictures, along with quotes from Diego, tell the whole story beautifully.

In Diego’s words

Having a bicycle to me was a very difficult dream to reach. My family does not have the resources to buy a bicycle for me.

One day CFCA staff members came to my house to interview me and to ask me about my life and how I get my education.

I told them about the long distance that I have to walk to get to school.

Diego, sponsored child, walking to school

My mother told me later that CFCA staffers called her, and she told me that the CFCA office wanted to buy a bike to me so I could have a better situation in life.

Diego in Colombia with mother

I could not believe it at first, but I thank God for having that visit from CFCA’s staff and to be able to tell them my story, and in this way I could go to choose my bike with my mother.

Diego and his mother look at bicycles

I was so excited that on our way back home I fell asleep holding my new bicycle and really wanting to ride it for the first time.

Diego falls asleep holding his new bicycle

Finally, we arrived and I rode my new bicycle. My mother emphasized the importance of wearing my helmet and vest to be protected.

Diego's bicycle helmet

Here, I am riding on my bike for the first time on my way to school; I rode through the way that I used to walk.

Now, I am glad because I can save time and a lot of energy to get better grades at school.

Diego with his new bicycle on the road to school

I thank God, CFCA’s staff and the CFCA office in Bogota for making my dream true. I thought it was an impossible dream to reach. Thanks for everything!

Diego with his bicycle

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  1. The last time we were in Bogota we were able to buy a bike and helmet for our sponsored boy. We know exactly what this means to them. We are so proud of our Bryhan.

  2. Barbara & I (Joe) are very prroud to be sponsors of Robert who lives in Colombia. He turned 13 last January and his in 8th grade and doing very well. He sends us very nice letters trough CFCA and often includes wonderful creative drawing, too. We want to thank CFCA for there wonderful program that allows us to reach out to beautiful Christain children like Robert. Thanks and God less your work.

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