Feb 27 2012

Why social support groups for women are so important

CFCA mothers groups“Social groups are critical in helping women recover from the trauma of domestic violence. Social groups rebuild that lost sense of self and create a supportive, open forum in which to heal.”

This quote is from Susan Miller, chief executive officer of Rose Brooks Center, which provides domestic violence services and programs for families in the U.S.

At CFCA we value mothers groups, or small groups of mothers of sponsored children, as a valuable support system.

Not only do these groups help women find ways to improve their economic circumstances, but they also empower women to address present challenges ñ including domestic violence, among other issues.

Read more about how CFCA mothers groups are addressing domestic violence.

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  1. I went to India this past November to meet my sponsored child Simon. The trip to northern India was incredible. Visiting with the mothers at their mother’s group meeting was so rewarding. It was so great to see Christian, Muslim and Hindu mothers all working together to better their lives and by doing so better their childrens lives. And, now I have another child, Neha, so I have a reason to return to India in the future.I feel honored to be a part of their lives.

  2. Yes! I have witnessed this first hand in India, Kenya and Uganda. Most recently in India. It is powerful and amazing to see these women blossom and believe in theirselves. I was able to attend a Mother’s group meeting while in India and it was one of the highlights of the trip. What is more amazing is that they come from all different faith backgrounds – Christian, Muslim, and Hindu and they are in the group encouraging, supporting each other and working together. A great example of how we can accomplish peace & harmony in the world. Very amazing. This is Isaiah 58 in action. We who have been blessed living out our fasting in real ways through sponsorship and the familes of CFCA changing their situations and freeing themselves to become who God intended them to be. I pray for more to hear the call to Sponsor. Great article!

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