Feb 15 2012

Reflection on ‘Rise and Dream’ premiere by Bob Hentzen

CFCA President Bob Hentzen traveled with members of the “Rise and Dream” film team to its world premiere at the Thin Line Film Fest in Denton, Texas. This is his reflection about the screening.

Bob Hentzen in the Philippines for "Rise and Dream" concert

In this photo from the CFCA archives, CFCA President Bob Hentzen talks with one of the youth featured in the "Rise and Dream" documentary film after the concert.

I’m confident that when the film festival votes are counted, we will be reaffirmed that “Rise and Dream” is a very good documentary. The spontaneous enthusiasm of all who see it speaks clearly that it is much more.

Everyone in attendance really gets into this story. At the conclusion of the film, we enjoyed such a lively dialogue.

The film festival staff had to ask us to clear the theater and continue elsewhere to make room for the next show.

The film’s executive producer, CFCA’s Paul Pearce, invited the entire audience to gather at the Sweetwater Grill & Tavern down the street.

We so enjoyed one another’s company and the film’s soundtrack harmonies of Barclay Martin and Rick Willoughby …”and let the afternoon unfold.”

“This film is connected to the essential elements of being human.” It is a statement of the deepest values affecting millions of people in the Philippines and worldwide.

On the today side, this documentary is timely, as the world studies the moves of powerful nations interested in deposits beneath the archipelagos bordering the South China Sea.

On the transcendental side, the film grabs us all with irresistible human beauty. Youthful energy bursts forth and rides the waves far enough to return. “Can you hear the songs of children all around?”

The natural harmonies of ancestral instruments held in young hands and felt in young hearts challenge and trump the harshness of one of the longest human conflicts of this century.

Barclay Martin and Rick Willoughby at the Rise and Dream premiere

Barclay Martin and Rick Willoughby perform before the world premiere of "Rise and Dream."

“Sing like a soldier Ö Sing like a soldier of peace.” Conflict and peace meet and embrace. Islam and Christianity meet and embrace. Families living in poverty and those inspired by their hopeful struggle meet and embrace. This embrace resounds in new channels of hope for families around the world.

In a few months “Rise and Dream” will complete showings at film festivals and begin its musical journey into the lives of all of us who want to know about who we are.

Don’t miss the story of these 13 ordinary and inspiring CFCA Filipino scholars.

In the midst of serious economic challenges and armed conflict, they offer to us and to the world their vision, their hope and their songs of the ages.

Bob Hentzen
Denton, Texas, Thin Line Film Fest
Feb. 11, 2012
Quotes are from Barclay Martin.

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  1. As a CFCA sponsor living in Dallas, I was privileged to be in the audience at the world premiere of this wonderful film in nearby Denton. What a treat to get to talk to the makers of the documentary, hear the music performed live and meet Bob Hentzen himself! I can’t wait to get a copy of the film on DVD. I want to share it with the teachers at my daughter’s high school. It would fit equally well in a World Geography or Theology curriculum. Or just for viewing on family movie night! Well done, CFCA.

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