Feb 17 2012

How sponsorship is helping Priyanka complete her higher education

Priyanka, sponsored through CFCA in India

Priyanka, sponsored through CFCA in India.

At CFCA, we encourage education as one of the keys for families to build a path out of poverty. Priyankaís story exemplifies the potential of hard-working people who will persevere with their studies despite tremendous obstacles.

My name is Priyanka. I am a post-graduate student studying for a masterís degree in psychology from Allahabad University in Uttar Pradesh, India.

When I was in 12th grade my subjects were physics, chemistry and biology. I wanted to be a doctor.

My father was in private practice as a homoeopathic doctor, but he had an accident and he is paralyzed.

So our economic condition was not good enough for me to take an exam for my bachelorís degrees in medicine and surgery.

I joined the bachelor of arts program instead, studying ancient history, education and psychology.

When I came to study psychology, I found it a very interesting subject and worked hard at it. As a result, I graduated with the highest score in the whole college.

Then I took the entrance exam for my masterís degree, and again I got the highest score among my peers.

My fatherís economic condition was not good enough for me to continue my studies, but at this important time, CFCA gave me support to continue my studies.

With the help of CFCA, I could pay my college fees and purchase my books.

CFCA was an important support and the only support for my studies. Because of CFCA, I am here at this stage.

The whole college knows me as a good student, and my parents are proud of me.

CFCA gave me moral support and the courage to step forward. This was my life in short. That is how I could continue my studies after all these problems, with the special support of CFCA.

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