Feb 3 2012

How mothers are integral to a sponsored child’s success

Mothers of CFCA sponsored children in Costa Rica

Mothers of CFCA sponsored children in Costa Rica.

Heredia is a rapidly industrializing community near San Jose, Costa Rica.

It’s also home to several CFCA mothers groups who are making livelihoods for their families through sewing!

Before joining the mothers groups, many of these moms did not know how to sew. Their economic situations were extremely difficult.

They live in slums, and often their homes are near river basins or dangerous areas threatened by landslides.

Since 2008, these mothers have grown in unity and self-confidence by pooling their collective talents.

Once CFCA helped some moms learn how to sew and make money from their work, they in turned reached out to other moms and mentored them in their handiwork.

Today all 180 mothers in the Heredia groups can sew. They make uniform shirts and rain capes for schoolchildren, working from their homes.

“I feel very motivated,” said Maribel, a single mother raising two CFCA sponsored children. “The money I get (from sewing clothes) is an income for my children and me. This is really a great blessing.”

Read the rest of these mothers’ story.

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