Feb 16 2012

Farewell letters from sponsored children leaving CFCA

CFCA sponsored youth Raul in El Salvador

Raul, CFCA sponsored youth in El Salvador, writes a letter to his sponsor.

Whether the relationship between sponsor and sponsored friend lasts a short period of time or over many years, it is a treasured friendship.

Every day we are privileged to see heartfelt letters of gratitude and appreciation pass between these friends.

Unfortunately, that relationship must come to a practical end someday, though it continues for a lifetime in our hearts and prayers.

We try our best to send our sponsors a farewell letter from their friend leaving the sponsorship program, although this is not always possible.

Below are excerpts from former sponsored children in the Philippines writing their farewell letters to their sponsors. We hope you are as moved and inspired by them as we were.


CFCA sponsored youth Alfred in the Philippines “There are already many gifts that I have received from CFCA. These will really inspire me also to help not just only my family, but also other people. …

“Being a teacher there are so many things that I can share to my fellow men, not only money, but also knowledge for survival.

“Thank you very much, my sponsor, for your support. You really make my dreams come true. I will always pray for you and your family.

“Lately I attended my graduation ball. It is the final celebration for my success, and I received my certificate. I found it to be the most important thing in my life.

“When many years pass, this document will make me recall all the beautiful things I enjoyed in CFCA. I will never forget you until the end of my life because you uplifted us in our path away from poverty.”


CFCA sponsored youth Diane in the Philippines “The time has come; finally I finished college. After 10 years of being [sponsored], I can say mission accomplished in the sense that I truly reached my simple goal for my family.

“I was so happy and glad to be one of [the] sponsored members. It helped me to be sociable and develop my whole concept of myself and life.

“Your kindness motivated me to pursue my goal and to finish my college-level degree. I know that it is not the end ñ it is just a beginning.

Thank you very much for being part of my life, for being my provider when I tackled my way to reach my goal. … I hope that you will continue helping and providing light for the people who are in need.

“More power and God bless!”


CFCA sponsored youth Michael “Thank you for supporting my studies until [my two-year vocational course in automotive technology]. …

“I can really see the happiness in my parents’ eyes. I know they are happy and proud for what I am now, and you are a great part of that achievement. I have been a better person because of the many formations of CFCA and because of your trust and care that have been extended to me. Ö

“You have been such a good friend to me. Thanks for believing in me; you never left me. Thank you for the eight years of friendship. My family is also very thankful and glad for your help.

“Once again thank you so much. May God protect you always and keep you away from any danger. You will always remain in my heart and mind, and be my inspiration.”


CFCA sponsored youth Jal from the Philippines “It’s been eight years [since] I became one of the members of the CFCA family. It’s been a great opportunity having the CFCA in my life. It really inspired me to pursue my studies and achieve my goal in life.

“CFCA taught me to be a strong and a better person. CFCA gave me the privilege to socialize with different people in their unique characteristics. …

“To our teachers, parents, CFCA family and especially to you. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have endured for us to be able to go to school.

“Thank you for all the things that you have done for us. For making us the people that we are today. For guiding us into the right path. We are and we will always be grateful.”

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