Feb 11 2012

CFCA in the blogosphere: CatholicMom.com

CFCA blogThanks to Lisa Hendey for featuring this guest blog post from Loretta Shea Kline, CFCA director of communications:

Family learns what it means to ‘love your neighbor’

My greatest hope for my two daughters was that they would grow up to be good people ñ to follow the commandment of Jesus to ìlove your neighbor as yourself.î

Our Catholic social tradition teaches us that loving our neighbor extends to our global neighbors, and that we are one human family despite national, racial, economic and other differences. It also guides us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.

How, though, do you teach children such concepts?

I have been blessed because my work involves me daily in the Churchís social teachings, and I am able to share this gift with my family.

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  1. Just back from the MAT to Chennai and Trichy. Hard to process the near total immersion into Indian life and culture. I’ve always joked that my very little house, by our standards, is my palace. Well, it truly is. I’ll never take clean water, a cozy, warm bed, and full pantry for granted again. I can’t say enough about the Project Coordinators and their staff, so professional and caring. I feel even better about the care my two sponsored girls receive. Most of all, meeting Pavithra was one of the most emtional moments of my life. I look forward to the Chennai/Trichy MAT of 2014.

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