Feb 10 2012

6 terms in ‘CFCA lingo’ translated

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Research has shown that almost every organization has its own internal jargon, or lingo. CFCA is no exception.

Here are a few terms we use at our K.C. headquarters that might not be readily understood outside our offices. If you ever drop by and hear these mysterious-sounding words, here’s a quick translation!

1) MAT trip

We’re proud of our mission awareness trips, which are great ways for sponsors to see their sponsored friends face to face and experience their culture and way of life firsthand.

Every year about 30 to 40 mission awareness trips are scheduled around the CFCA world.

Of course, just saying “mission awareness trips” is quite a mouthful, so these quickly became MATs, then (somewhat redundantly) MAT trips.

We realized this term has spread now that some of our sponsors are also calling them MAT trips!

2) eNews

The eNews is shorthand for our CFCA monthly electronic newsletter, whose full title is “Faces of the Movement.”

Of course, once we started sending monthly electronic newsletters for our documentary film “Rise and Dream,” that became the “Rise and Dream eNews.”

Which leads us to our third term in CFCA lingo:

3) “Zamboanga” as opposed to “Rise and Dream”

Rise and Dream poster During most of the production process of our documentary film, “Zamboanga: Poverty, War, Music” served as our working title.

By the end of post-production, however, we thought “Rise and Dream” more closely represented the story and chose it as our title.

“Rise and Dream” is the name of one of the songs on the companion CD, and it is heard in the film.

The term also embodies the promise of the children we work with, as well as the hopes mothers and fathers hold for their children to find opportunities, fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.

“Zamboanga: Poverty, War, Music” is still the name of the 10-song CD we released in November 2009 as a companion album to the film.

The CD contains songs written and performed by the documentary’s composer, Barclay Martin.

4) HFAF or H4F

Acronyms abound at CFCA! This particular acronym, HFAF or H4F, stands for “Hope for a Family,” the name for our sponsorship program.

An important part of our work is to give voice to the families we serve, to tell the stories of their heroic struggles to survive and create a path out of poverty for their children.

To help us tell our story in a compelling way, we focus our message on “Hope for a Family.”

Many people also have trouble remembering our full name and the letters CFCA, which is why we added a web address: www.hopeforafamily.org.


An exciting initiative we unveiled last year was “Raise Funds. Raise Hope.” Internally it’s called by its initials: RFRH.

This work helps U.S. church youth groups raise money by finding sponsors for children and aging people waiting for CFCA sponsorship.

Whenever a youth minister or other adult leader schedules this fundraiser for a parish community, we send folders with photos and family profiles of children waiting for sponsorship.

For every sponsor who signs up, the group earns money to support its local programs.

6) CC

Not to be confused with “carbon copy,” CC stands for the CFCA communications centers.

As of February 2012, we have five communications centers in El Salvador, Guatemala, Kenya, India and Colombia.

These centers are a great resource for helping us find and feature stories from our sponsored friends and their families.

Although we call them centers, which sounds like a big operation, they actually consist of one or a few local staff members.

We can’t say enough good things about these highly talented and dedicated staffers who are telling the stories of CFCA communities around the world!

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  1. Learning a new language is always helpful . . . and I love playing in alpha/numeric soup like H4F, not to be confused with 4H. Carolyn

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