Jan 24 2012

What do sponsored children want to know in letters?

CFCA sponsored children from Colombia talk about letters and what they want to hear from sponsors.

Jackelin, CFCA sponsored child in Colombia


Jackelin, 11

“I would like it if they told me about their family, friends and their cat. Also I would like them to tell me about where they live, how the city and country are.

“I would like to personally know and thank them for all the things they have given me. I would also like them to send me lots of pictures.”

Kevin, CFCA sponsored child in Colombia


David, 7

“I want to know what my sponsor eats, and if they eat what they like. I would also like him to tell me where he lives and to send a photo.”

Kevin, 7

“… if there are robbers where my sponsor lives and if his work is going well.”

Jennifer, 9

“I would like to know how my sponsor’s family and children are doing and whether he has all he needs. I would like for my sponsor always to support me in everything I do, and am grateful that he gives me much love. I work very hard and send him lots of hugs and kisses.”

Wendy, CFCA sponsored child from Colombia


Wendy, 7

“I would like them to tell me how they are doing, if they live with the family and for them to send me a photo.”

Katherine, 16

“I would like to know how their whole family is doing, and how he is doing since I last heard from him, how it’s been going in the [U.S.] Air Force, what has happened in his life since he last wrote.

“Also, what food he likes, if he is sick or well, his birthday so I can send a card and a happy birthday greeting, how old he is, if he lives with his children, if his wife is still alive, if he is a grandfather, if he still has his dogs.

“I’d like to know if he has received the letters I sent with thanks for his support and help. But the most important for me is to know how he is.”

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0 thoughts on “What do sponsored children want to know in letters?”

    1. Hi Caty,

      Thanks for your question. At this time, we do not have the resources to send eLetters (including processing and translation) from sponsored friends to their sponsors.

      All correspondence from sponsored friends should be sent to their sponsors through the local project. There they will be translated, if necessary, logged and sent to the Kansas office for distribution to sponsors.

      Our CFCA policy requires that letter writing must be the method by which all communications between sponsors and sponsored friends take place. This is to protect the privacy of our sponsors and our sponsored friends and make sure all communications are appropriate.

      Hope this helps! Thanks, and God bless.

      ~Shanxi, CFCA online content manager

  1. Los felicito, este es un gran logro. El poder escribir “eLetter” nos facilita estar en contacto con nuestros ahijados, reduce los costos, y reduce el uso de papel y otros recursos que deterioran el ambiente. Dios los bendiga.

    1. Louise,

      Thanks for your interest in writing to your sponsored child!

      We don’t allow direct contact via email, but as a convenience for our sponsors, we offer the option of writing an online eLetter to their sponsored friends. The eLetters are not emails. They are simply an easy way for sponsors to write a letter that we’ll deliver on their behalf. Sponsors must log in to their account to access the eLetter option on the ‘My sponsorships’ page.

      Here’s a quick link (you’ll need to be registered and logged in to your online account to use it): https://www.cfcausa.org/CFCA/SponsorsOnline/ELettersCreate.aspx

      Shanxi, CFCA online content manager

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