Jan 5 2012

‘The hope that we have for our families is great’

The most extensive outreach of any CFCA Hope for a Family program is in Guatemala, with more than 85,000 sponsored children, youth and aging.

Guatemala’s two CFCA projects, Hermano Pedro and Atitlan, are based in San Lucas Toliman.

The Hermano Pedro project, CFCA’s largest, serves sponsored friends in eight geographic regions of the country. The Atitlan project serves members primarily in and around Lake Atitlan.

Serving a community this large is only possible with the dedicated and talented CFCA staff led by Jorge Armas. Jorge is the coordinator for CFCA’s Guatemala office in San Lucas Toliman.

In this video, he talks about his dedication to the families he and the CFCA staff serve.

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  1. Realmente es impresionante la calidad del personal del Proyecto Hermano Pedro! Entrega, dedicaciÛn, cariÒo…, es una gran bendiciÛn para las familias apadrinadas de Guatemala!

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