Jan 12 2012

The gift of clothing to boost self-esteem

Gladness, CFCA sponsored youth in Tanzania Think back to your high school days when all you wanted to do was to fit in and make friends with your classmates.

Now imagine going to school with a badly worn, patched-over uniform because your parents couldn’t afford a new one for you.

Gladness, a sponsored youth from Tanzania, faced this situation every day. But no longer, thanks to some help from a CFCA social worker, her mother’s diligent budgeting and a tailor’s magic touch.

Read the rest of Gladness’ story.

0 thoughts on “The gift of clothing to boost self-esteem”

  1. I remember all to well going to school in handy-downs. WHile they didn’t have holes, they were definitely out of fashion and would make me feel so uncomfortable. I can’t even imagine having to go to school wearing what some of these kids have to wear. I am glad to hear that thanks to CFCA, these kids are being taken care of!

  2. God bless Gladness for continuing her education in spite of the inability to have a new uniform. God gave her a sponsor who would provide the necessary clothes to wear to school….a gift for sure, something she will remember for the rest of her life. Theresa Howard, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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