Jan 11 2012

Get a free 2012 CFCA desk calendar

Update: The opportunity to get a free 2011 desk calendar is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

CFCA 2012 desk calendar We recently put together a desk calendar that includes photos of some of the wonderful children and families served by CFCA throughout the world.

We would like to give you an opportunity to receive one of these calendars by sharing your sponsorship story with others. You can:

  • Write a blog post on your own blog about your personal sponsorship experience with CFCA and send us a link.
  • Write a guest blog post for us to post on the CFCA blog, then submit your post to us.
  • Leave a comment on a CFCA blog post of your choice to have your name entered in a daily drawing. A name will be randomly selected as the winner of a CFCA calendar.

We have only a limited number of calendars left, so please submit your entries to socialmedia@cfcausa.org with the subject line, “Submission for 2012 desk calendar,” as soon as possible.

Note: These calendars will be sent only to U.S. residents.

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Get a free 2012 CFCA desk calendar”

  1. I have been a sponsor since 1999,when CFCA came to my church. They had a small table at the back with all these big white folders on them. Many people just walked right by ,but I am not one to be rude,and will listen to what they had to say. I do not know what they said,as I was looking at all of the beautiful pictures on the front of the folders. My eye came to rest on the face of a small girl ,just 7years old,with the biggest brown eyes, in the prettiest red dress with a white collar, Kelly Vanesa,what a nice name! My thought was she was calling me to help,at the time it was 20.00 a month,and I thought,that was less than 1.00 a day! I knew I wasted more than a dollar a day and did not even think about it,I knew I could do it,if I just thought about what I was doing, SO I DID,and she was instantly a part of my family. It became a real challange to find cool little things I could send her,stickers,postcards,bookmarks,photos of my animals and even the trees and flowers here in Michigan. The change in seasons,everything became more appreciated here where I live because I was showing it to someone who may never get here,but could dream of someday getting here to see,but could share it with her family and school mates. The photos showed her growing and maturing into a beautiful young women and i was able to sponsor her until 15years old,when she had to move out of the area,it was difficult,but I knew she had a good start and I will remember her always,BUT I WAS HOOKED I was asked to use my sponsor another,so I asked for a young women in the same project,MEET ERNESTINA,and another Maria Camila-so I have 2 wonderful young ladies,1 older,so I could encourage her to continue to college,and 1 just starting school who was struggling to get through 1 class at a time–great for me,so I could look for thigs to send for their schools,photos,birds,flowers, everything was so exciting to share. When Ernestina no longer was in the program,I asked for the next person who needed help-enter Naresh-a young man from India-wonderful someone from the other side of the world–He has the most happy face,and very proud looking in his photo. -THEN I got a call from CFCA to hlpe at a church by me for a sponsorship weekend,in the fall of 2011. I was very excited and very nervous,but I was only hlpeing the CFCA priest right? I helped at all 4 masses that weekend,as I took all the folders out I read each one,thinking if I knew each one I may be able to help someone who wanted a certain age,country,birthday or what ever may call them,there were so many folders…….some were medically compromised,I thought I MUST HELP THEM GET SPONSORED,so I out them all on top,I brought all my photos of my kids,and told my story of the joy and how little it really cost to do this,if we would examine the daily spending we do,it was something we all can do..There was 6 elderly as well,and they also went on top-I just thought of my grandmother,who I miss dearly,and I could not let them not get sponsored either,could I? WELL people were wonderful,and if you do not know MICHIGAN ,the economic hard times hit us long before it hit the rest of the country…..people were taking folders because they wanted a boy from here or a girl from there,and this is my birthday,so I must take this one,and my husband is a doctor,so we must take this medically compromised child and help,and another lady told me she is getting rid of her cable to sponsor this child, IT WAS AWESOME!!!! When the weekend was done I only had only 6 folders to put away,we had 49 successful sponsorships,and as I put them away,there was 1 last elderly manEdward from Madagascar-with the saddest eyes,and i could not put him away-so I have a 3rd person to sponsor,and could not be happier!-for about 3.00 a day,I can make the lives of 3 families a bit better,and the letters and pictures are something I will keep forever. I am sorry this is so long,but there is not enough to say about the return on your investment with CFCA sponsorship!!!!

  2. I am truly thankful to God for the visiting priest who brought all of the CFCA packets to our church of Divine Mercy of Our Lord Catholic Church in Mesquite, TX.

    Since that time, I have been a sponsor of my other “little girl.” Presently, I still have the Christmas Card that she made up in our living room. My sponsored “little girl” family has similar birthdays to my family. The letters from them giving me thanks has made me more appreciative to God for HIS blessings to us.

  3. Our family has sponsored for 12 years through CFCA. Gerald grew up with our four children, and he will be graduating soon. We pray he will continue with his education. Our church has sponsored an amazing 89 year old woman from El Salvador for 5 years, whom I’ve met three times. This past November, ten people from our church visited her and her family. We had a big birthday party for her. Thank you, CFCA !
    ~ Ann ~

  4. My family and I just became sponsors. We were blessed to receive our first letter from our sponsored child last week. Already we feel such a connection with her. Our boys refer to her as “our sister in India!” I am looking forward to many years of sharing stories and letters between our children and our sponsored child. I hope that it helps foster a global sense of charity and humanity in the hearts of all three children.

  5. We have been a sponsor for several years. We have enjoyed as a Knights of Columbus Council watching our young man grow up to become a young adult. We have enjoyed hearing about his family, his education and his Faith. We enjoy learning about him and how he is excelling in school. All the Brother Knights of our Council enjoy hearing our young man’s letters read everytime he write’s us. After reading the letter to the council, it is placed on our bulletin board so all in the Parish can share in his life and love for his Family and his Faith.When I see the envelope in the mail from him, it brightens my day. We look forward to continuing to keep our young man in our Prayers and our thoughts.

  6. I have been a sponsor for about 3 years. I enjoy watching my little guy grow. When I first sponsored my little guy could not write his own letters his Mom wrote them for him. Now he writes his own. He also sends me pictures that he has drawn. It is wonderful to get them. I enjoy learning about him and what he has learned in school. He enjoy sports and tell me about playing with his classmates. When I see the envelope in the mail from him, it brightens my day.

  7. I would love to receive a calendar but since I’ve only been a sponsor since December 20, 2011, I don’t have a story yet. Guess I will try my luck in the drawing! Thank you CFCA for offering these to us!!

      1. I agree! Whether you have been a sponsor for 1 month or 10 years. The story has a beginning of how you came to sponsor. We would love to hear the beginning!

  8. I hope many people submit their stories of sponsorship. I love reading them! Plus these calanders are great! They are a must have and are a great way to remind yourself to pray for CFCA throughout the day and you sponsored friend everytime you look at it for a date. Plus it can be a great conversation starter at work.

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