Dec 11 2011

Why doesn’t CFCA have programs in the United States?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. Why doesnít CFCA have programs in the United States?

A. CFCA was founded in 1981 to work in developing countries because two of the founders, Bob Hentzen and Jerry Tolle, had worked in Latin America and witnessed conditions of extreme poverty in which the most basic life needs went unmet.

Social assistance programs similar to those in the U.S. are often not available in communities where CFCA is present.

Education may not be free. Parents must often pay enrollment fees, or buy books, uniforms and supplies they cannot afford. Many children donít visit doctors because of the cost of care.

CFCA’s Hope for a Family program provides benefits tailored to the needs of sponsored friends, such as nutritious food, education, health care and livelihood programs for families to help them build a path out of poverty.

In developing countries, the contributions of CFCA sponsors go a long way toward providing these vital services.

CFCA does strive to serve the local community at its headquarters in Kansas City, Kan., through participation in several programs, including an internship program for underprivileged high school students and collecting personal-care items for a homeless shelter.

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