Dec 12 2011

Vote for CFCA’s best 2011 blog post!

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We want to hear from you! Out of these top blog posts for 2011, which would you consider the No. 1 post?

The nominations are:

1)†Sponsor describes ‘God story’ behind latest sponsorship

“My latest child sponsorship has its own God story. I had read about othersí experiences in many countries where people make a living in city dumps and live in the slums. These break into the silence of my soul, and I cannot shut out the images.”

2)†Organic vegetable gardening takes root in CFCA Filipino community

Rapid urbanization has brought many problems, including garbage, malnutrition, poverty and food insecurity. CFCA helps secure food for sponsored friends and their families while encouraging them to develop creative, sustainable solutions. For example, parents of sponsored children in the Philippines are cultivating vegetable gardens.

3) Preacher witnesses the miracle of sponsorship

“But having seen Juanaís broad smile and abundant tears, I made a mental note to myself: I must share with everyone how their gifts to CFCA can be an answer to prayer ñ how a few dollars invested in the right project can seem like ‘un milagro (miracle).'”

4) 5 ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend

We explore ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend without leaving home!

5) A former sponsored child in El Salvador looks back

Juan Carlos was sponsored through CFCAís Santa Ana, El Salvador, office for 10 years, from 8 to 18. He is now 28 and lives outside Santa Ana with his wife and their 2-year-old son. Juan Carlos works in the maintenance department of a local hospital. Nimia works at a textile factory.

6) Joy of the journey: Reflection on 12 years of child sponsorship

“In the Nicaraguan airport, I decided to swallow my lack of confidence in trying to communicate, paste on a wide smile, and try to use the language of love and my little Spanish to the best of my ability. As my spiritual director would remind me, I know how to smile in Spanish!”

7) Washing laundry by hand in Guatemala

Think doing laundry is a tedious job? Most women in San Antonio Palopo, Guatemala, do their laundry by hand … in a lake!

The No. 1 post that the majority of our readers choose will be given a place of honor on our blog, and it may be repurposed for our promotional and marketing materials.

Have you made your choice? If so, click here to take the survey.

Voting closes Dec. 20, so be sure to vote before then!

Please share the survey with your family and friends, particularly those who don’t yet know about CFCA. We’d enjoy hearing what they think of these posts, too.

Thanks, and we appreciate your help!

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