Dec 13 2011

Tailor-made gratitude for the gift of sponsorship

Bhavani, CFCA sponsored youth, and her family in IndiaThis story from India shows just how far-reaching the gift of sponsorship can be!

Bhavani was a child when she was sponsored by Barbara and Mary Rousis. For more than 10 years they have encouraged her with her education and practice of classical Indian dance.

Bhavani’s mother, Shanti, belongs to a CFCA mothers group. She received a loan through the group to open a small tailoring shop.

The shop was a success, and Shanti has now opened a small retail garment store next to her first shop. Guess what she called it?

Rousis Readymade ñ named in gratitude after Bhavani’s sponsors.

Read the rest of this amazing story.

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