Dec 16 2011

How Estrella got a new costume for her singing performances

Henry Perez, CFCA project coordinator in Lima, Peru, sent us a short series of updates about sponsored friends and how they are being empowered through sponsorship benefits. Here’s the story of Estrella, a sponsored child who sings traditional Peruvian music.

Second from right is Estrella, CFCA sponsored child in Peru, with her family

Second from right is Estrella, CFCA sponsored child in Peru, with her family.

Estrella was sponsored one year ago through CFCA.

She has been singing Peruvian Huaynos music since she was 4, and she is 11 now.

She is in sixth grade and lives with her father, Maximo, who works as a taxi driver, and her mother, Domitila, in Santa Rosa.

Estrella sings in school activities and in the community, and she wants to take her art to a professional level.

She practices at home and wears a special costume, which is very important to her because it is a way to identify herself.

In September 2011, all her costumes were stolen and she was not able to perform any more, but thanks to the sponsorship program, her family saved enough money through their sponsorship benefits to buy the costumes she wears now.

Estrella is happy and very thankful to CFCA, for this makes her dream of being a singer come true.

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