Dec 1 2011

Enter to win a free 17-oz. bag of fair trade coffee!

This year weíre holding a drawing to offer a special gift for one of our sponsors: a 17-ounce bag of Juan Ana medium roast ground coffee!

The rules for entering are simple:

1) Share our Facebook page with two (or more) friends who haven’t yet liked our page, and invite them to like our page.

2) Email [email protected] with the names of your friends who just liked our Facebook page through your invitation. (A subject line such as “Coffee giveaway” also helps.)

Please include your name and CFCA ID (number beginning with the letters ASC) as well as your preferred method of contact if you win the coffee.

That’s it! Your name will be entered into a drawing, which ends Wednesday, Dec. 7. We’ll pick the winner on Thursday, Dec. 8.

The Juan Ana coffee and CFCA connection:

For coffee growers, harvest is the time of the year when most of a family’s household income is generated. Of the 22 countries where CFCA works, all but Chile are major coffee producers.

An estimated 60 percent of the 88,000 families served by CFCA in Guatemala, for example, depend on coffee for their livelihood. (Here’s a related story about coffee-growing families in our sponsorship program.)

The Juan Ana coffee is cultivated, roasted and packaged by members of the San Lucas Mission in Guatemala.

Many of the members of the mission and most of the coffee workers have children in the CFCA sponsorship program. (You can also order Juan Ana coffee online. Note: The coffee program is not affiliated with CFCA, and proceeds benefit the San Lucas Mission.)

Weíre looking forward to giving a bag of this exceptional coffee to our drawing winner. Good luck!

Faces of CFCA for December

In other news, the next ìFaces of CFCAî profile picture is up on our Facebook page!

From left are Maria; Becky Keels, Maria’s sponsor; and Candelaria, Maria’s grandmother. Becky lives in Texas and sponsored Maria after a 2009 mission awareness trip to Guatemala, where they met.

If you want your photo to be considered for the next ìFaces of CFCAî profile picture, simply email a .jpg photo file (the higher the resolution, the better) to [email protected].

Include your name and your preferred form of contact (phone, email, etc.) in case we have any questions about your submission.

Thanks so much!

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