Nov 15 2011

‘There is always someone who encourages you to go on … ‘

Marta, now 25, was a former CFCA scholar. She depended heavily on her mother’s income to get her through college, but her mother suffered an accident that forced her to stop working. Read on to find out how it all ended!

Marta, sponsored through CFCA in El Salvador


How did you get involved with CFCA?

I met CFCA about eight years ago when I became part of its scholarship program in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

I was a high school freshman and my mother could not fully afford my education.

She used to work selling fried finger food in the streets. My younger brother was in school, too, and unfortunately, we never met our father.

How did CFCA support you?

As part of my responsibilities in CFCA, I did monthly community service. I offered my service at the CFCA headquarters in Santa Ana, El Salvador.

I started meeting people who treated me professionally and with respect. Many things changed inside me, spiritually and intellectually. I felt motivated to dream about my future.

At the same time it helped me cover part of my educational expenses such as transportation, tuition, etc., and my mother would help me with anything else I needed.

You graduated from high school. Did you go to university?

Yes, and my grades in university continued to be good, but my mother burned her arm while frying one day.

She had to quit working for some time and could no longer help with my college expenses. The funds provided by my scholarship weren’t enough.

During that time I was asked to speak to travelers in a CFCA mission awareness trip visiting the project.

I offered my testimony and afterward, I was approached by one of the group members, a CFCA preacher, Father James O’Toole.

He told me that he wanted to sponsor me because he thought I could reach my dream of becoming a professional.

I recently graduated as an administrative computer programmer. The path was hard. I had to overcome so many obstacles along the way.

Many times I felt like giving up, but there is always someone who encourages you to go on, to fight for what one desires, to reach a goal, and I did it.

Marta, former CFCA sponsored child in El Salvador, and her family.

Marta and her family.

What are you currently doing?

Praise God, I was blessed by finding a job at the local drivers license processing office. I have only been working there for two weeks.

I am already planning on studying some more, but now I can afford my own education. This is thanks to the CFCA scholarship and my sponsor.

Would you like to say something to your sponsor?

I want to offer him my deepest gratitude for believing in me, for sponsoring me for four years when I needed it most. May God bless you.

Please continue to help others who, like me, have a very clear goal in life.

Thank you, CFCA, for letting me grow to be the person I am now. You have been by me for so many years. Thank you from deep inside my heart.

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