Nov 21 2011

How to make passion fruit juice (recipe from Uganda)

A glass of passion fruit juice from Uganda - CFCA recipe

A glass of delicious passion fruit juice from Uganda!

CFCA serves more than 2,600 sponsored children and elderly in Uganda. This recipe comes from a group of mothers of sponsored children. The mothers grow passion fruit as part of a CFCA livelihood program. Not only does it make money to support their families, but it also gives them a way to actively engage in their community.

The number of passion fruits for the recipe depends on how much juice you want to make. One glass of juice requires three passion fruits. If you are making four glasses of juice, for example, you can use 12 passion fruits.


  • Passion fruits
  • Sugar to taste
  • Water as needed
  • Jar to hold the juice
  • Utensils: sieve, sharp knife, spoon

Harvest ripe passion fruits.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you start preparing the passion fruit juice. Wash the fruits thoroughly.

After washing the fruits, cut them into half using a sharp knife.

Sliced passion fruit from Uganda - CFCA recipe

Scoop the seedlings from the fruit with a clean spoon.

Place the sieve on top of the juice jar, and put the seeds in the sieve.

Add sugar to the seeds in the sieve. Stir the mixture until the jelly flows into the jar and the seeds are left dry.

You can now add water to the mixture to dilute it (others donít add water to the mixture; they prefer their drink strong).

Passion fruit juice recipe from Uganda - CFCA

Add more sugar if needed.

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  1. Well, you need the fresh fruits to do this. I got mine juiced already, just a click away at Amazon’s. just as refreshing.

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