Nov 7 2011

Handy infographic about CFCA awareness trips

We get a lot of questions about CFCA awareness trips – before, during and after the actual trip!

Some of the most common questions are: “How many sponsors go on these trips?” and “How many sponsored children and aging friends have actually met their sponsor?”

To answer these and other questions, we’ve created the following infographic for you. Enjoy!

CFCA mission awareness trips infographic

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  1. We sponsor an elderly woman in Cuernavaca project in Mexico and our daughter sponsors a young girl in Merida project in Mexico. For 2012 there will only be one CFCA trip to Mexico. Is it due to the violence there? We also sponsor a boy in El Salvador, who we hope to visit someday also (yes, we’re kind of addicted to this :)

    1. Glad to hear youíre hoping to visit your sponsored friends! :)

      We choose our trips based on a variety of reasons, including the safety of our travelers. Unfortunately, we aren’t offering mission awareness trips to Cuernavaca in 2012 because of the increased crime and violence in those areas (as you mentioned).

      However, there will be one to Merida.

      If you have any other questions, we’d love to hear from you. Our phone number is 800-875-6564 and our email address is

      Karen, Stacy and Angie
      ~CFCA mission awareness trip coordinators

    1. Patti, don’t give up on your dream!! It was a dream of mine too (to visit our sponsored child, Silvia, in Guatemala). The dream almost died when my husband lost his job but through prayer and generosity of many people we were able to go (we being my 15 year old daughter and I). It completely deepened the sponsorship experience for me! This is a video I made when I was seeking support for the trip! I will pray for you, Leo, and Syndy.

  2. This is a great infographic – I have just started learning about infographics and trying to put them together. Besides loving the mission/purpose of this one, it gives me great food for thought design-wise!

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