Nov 3 2011

Father inspired sponsored child to envision a better future

Marisol, CFCA sponsored child in the PhilippinesThe CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA.

Here’s one from Marisol, who has dedicated her achievements to her parents in gratitude for all they’ve done for her.

When I started studying, my father decided to work as a wood carver in a faraway place to earn enough to sustain our needs.

He rarely had a vacation in a year, only once or twice.

My mother was left to look after us. In spite of all of my parents’ hard work, life was not easy for us. Thatís why it was a big help when I was sponsored through CFCA.

For six years in grade school, I gained honors for which Iíve worked hard. I dedicated it all to my parents because I respect their efforts.

It was an achievement for me as well to show that we can still surpass all the struggles that poverty brought to us.

I was 13 and our youngest was 9 when my father died. It was really painful to lose someone you loved so dearly, but it hurt that we could do nothing about it.

He was suffering from colon cancer but refused to take medication because he worried about the cost of treatment. He suffered all the pain of his illness and kept it to himself all the time.

That particular experience is one of the biggest reasons why I decided to work to give my family a better living so we would not ever have that hurtful experience again.

I finished high school in 2006. I spent another five years in college for a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering. I gave all I can with the help of my family, the CFCA community and above all, our Father Almighty.

The years Iíve spent studying had many uphill struggles. Every day, I walked approximately 30 minutes before I was able to get a ride to school.

I wasn’t able to participate in some school activities that required registration fees since my mother could not afford it.

Many times, Iíve seen my mother owe money from our relatives just to provide needs in times when we really need it, and I donít want to see my mother in that situation all the time..

Sometimes she could hardly send us all to school. My siblings had to stop schooling just to let me finish college, and I do appreciate their sacrifice.

CFCA had given my family much help since the day I was sponsored in the first grade of elementary school.

Since then, CFCA helped me modify my life’s direction. Sponsorship benefits helped develop me to be a good individual and citizen of my community.

Medical care and spiritual formation also strengthened our faith to believe that we could pass whatever adversities we face. The recreational activities also boosted our self-confidence.

I want to thank CFCA for its educational assistance and the opportunity to benefit from the scholarship program, which helped me realize better things for my family’s future.

I’ve finished college and can start reaching my dreams. And because I finished my education in spite of all the problems that hindered me, I already can consider myself successful.

I thank God most of all, my loving family and of course my CFCA family, especially my sponsor for almost 14 years, Maíam Karen Domey and her family for having a heart good enough to let me experience this kind of joy and happiness.

Note: We called Marisol’s sponsor, Karen, to let her know of this letter. “She’s been such a wonderful, polite girl,” Karen said. “She studies so hard; I can tell by all the grades she gets.”

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