Nov 2 2011

Californian children save for 17 weeks to help sponsored friend

Here’s a story from our CFCA community that made our day!

Linda Baker in California started sponsoring in May 2010 during a CFCA weekend presentation. Her daughter, Celeste, selected Deepika from India as the family’s sponsored friend.

Deepika was the same age as Celeste, so it was only natural that Linda’s two older children, Celeste, 9, and Nigel, 6, would identify with her, Linda said.

Linda said sponsorship is a great way to introduce her children to people from another culture, especially those who are living in poverty.

“Deepika sends us totally sweet letters,” Linda said. “She’s an excellent writer in English. It’s incredible. She’s writing us letters that are pages long and itís her second language!”

Deepika, CFCA sponsored child in India


Celeste especially was intrigued by the different clothes Deepika wore. Both Deepika and Celeste like art, and Deepika draws beautiful pictures on her letters to the family in California.

Although the children have never met Deepika in person, she’s like another member of the family. They talk about her a lot, Linda said.

Recently Linda introduced an allowance for Celeste and Nigel. Each child receives $3 a week ñ a dollar for savings, a dollar for a charity of their choice, and another dollar for spending.

The children asked Linda how they should spend their money for charity, and Linda said they could donate it to anybody they chose.

“I told them I was going to send my money to Deepika,” Linda said. “And they said, ‘We want to do that, too!'”

So the children saved a dollar a week for 17 weeks. Together they saved $32, and Linda provided the rest for a $100 contribution to CFCA’s family need fund.

“I’m very blessed, and the only way I can justify it is to pay it forward,” Linda said. “We are so fortunate that I just want to be able to help other people so they can have an easier life.”

For our sponsors who have children, what are some ways you’re teaching your children to pay it forward? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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