Oct 21 2011

Update about heavy rains in El Salvador

By Henry Flores, CFCA communications liaison in El Salvador

CFCA sponsors visit community Manuel in El Salvador after heavy rains

CFCA sponsors visit community Manuel in El Salvador after heavy rains.

After seven days of intense rain all throughout El Salvador, we finally saw the sun Tuesday, Oct. 18.

It brought hope, smiles and lots of birds flying in the blue sky. However, today (Oct. 19) we woke up with a much more intense rain that has led to blocked roads, flooded rivers and major mudslides in cities, towns and roads.

It is a sign of hope for us to face this emergency with the presence of nine sponsors who are participating in a CFCA mission awareness trip in El Salvador.

In spite of this emergency, they have been extremely open to the inconveniences of visiting our communities under heavy rain, extremely muddy conditions and difficult walking access.

During our visits, we have witnessed the reality of those living in fragile economic and housing conditions. It is an eye-opening experience that makes us all appreciate the comfort and safety of our homes, but is a dramatic call to do something for those less fortunate.

Yesenia, mother of sponsored child Sandra Vanessa, and her family are currently sleeping at the communal house in their community, ìManuel,î because their house is at risk of collapsing or being buried by potential mudslides.

Yesenia's house in El Salvador. Yesenia's child, Sandra Vanessa, is sponsored through CFCA.

Yesenia's house in El Salvador. Yesenia's child, Sandra Vanessa, is sponsored through CFCA.

ìWater is flowing from the dirt floor of my house,î said Yesenia. ìThere is so much mud behind my house, I am afraid it will collapse over us. This is why I left with my children. Unfortunately, the rain does not stop.î

Besides the heavy rains, the local authorities are announcing a potential cold front to enter tonight, which will bring a much worse situation to those affected.

We continue our effort of covering emergency needs of our sponsored and their families. Once the emergency is over, they will need further assistance and support to rebuild their lives.

We deeply appreciate all your prayers; they have been warming our footsteps in each of the communities we have visited.

We have shared them with our CFCA family and are certain that soon the beauty of the sun will shine upon us again as a message from our Lord, telling us that better things are to come.

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0 thoughts on “Update about heavy rains in El Salvador”

  1. Kathi. Praise God, salvadoran families are much better after the 9 days of heavy rain we had last month. Even though the country was very much affected, the spirit of the salvadoran people remain strong and are working hard to rebuild their life. Thanks for being part of the CFCA family and for helping us to spread the word of the blessings of CFCA around the world

  2. Henry, We continue to pray for El Salvador and those who were affected by the heavy rains. are things better now that it is the dry season? we pray this is so.
    Kathi and David

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