Oct 28 2011

‘CFCA is a blessing showered by God to us’

The CFCA project in Legazpi, Philippines, recently sent us success stories from young adults who were sponsored through CFCA.

Here’s one from Jessica, a young woman who struggled to empower herself and her family.

I am blessed with loving and ever supportive parents and siblings. We live in a semi-concrete type of house, with chicken, ducks and a vegetable garden in our backyard.

Even though we encounter hardships, we do not lose hope. God is always there to guide, help, protect and bless us.

I also believe CFCA is a blessing showered by God to us…I became eligible for sponsorship in 1997.

After a month, I was fortunate to become a sponsored child. My family and I felt so much happiness and excitement because a kindhearted couple supported me in my studies and also my family. We felt we were really blessed by God.

Elementary school

When I was in elementary grade, CFCA paid all my school fees and provided my educational needs. It lessened the burden for my parents in sending my siblings and me to school.

In return, I concentrated on my studies. I joined math and science quizzes, essay and feature writing contests. I also participated during the dish gardening contest and through the help of God, I earned first place.

When I graduated elementary, I was class valedictorian and received many academic awards.

I was thankful to enter a high-quality public high school. I maintained grades of 85 percent and above.

I was an elected class officer and joined school events like pep squad, dance troop and other activities. Besides academic activities, I also joined extracurricular gatherings.

Through these experiences, I developed confidence, sportsmanship and harmonious relationships with those around me. I also enhanced my talents and skills.

I was active in school because God, my family and CFCA were my inspirations. CFCA also provided for my educational needs and tuition fees. I graduated secondary level full of hopes and dreams.

Super typhoon

CFCA was such a great blessing from God. When I was in my fourth year of high school, a super typhoon struck our region. Many properties were destroyed, and many people died.

Half our house, especially our roof, was damaged beyond repair. Only the two bedrooms and our dirty kitchen were left.

Though we experienced such damage, we were still calm and thankful because God saved us. We helped each other clean up the mess.

My father picked up some of the remains to build a shelter. He fixed our dirty kitchen, and it became our temporary dwelling.

There we slept, ate and did our daily routine uncomfortably. The space was too little for all of us.

In spite of our condition, we never complained. We knew that God would not let us continue living in that very hard way.

Thank God, because CFCA answered our prayers. They provided housing materials for us to build our new house.


Another stage and challenge came into my life ó college.

Fortunately, I passed an entrance examination to a quality public university. I was so glad and thankful to God for giving me this opportunity.

My family was so proud of me, but I was wondering whether my parents could support my studies, as my siblings were also studying at the same time.

I felt a little sad, but I did not lose hope. I knew there would be a way for me to go to school.

God was really good. One day, my mother and I were having a conversation regarding finances. We received a letter from CFCA telling that we should be at its office right away.

We were shocked and felt worried about it. We didnít have any idea why we were asked to come.

The next day, we went. How glad and thankful we were upon knowing that my dearest sponsors sent money for my tuition fees!

We couldnít explain the feeling of surprise and happiness. We really didnít expect the blessing.

I took a bachelor’s degree in social work at the same university. When I was in my first year, I was elected as business manager for the National Service Training Program (NSTP).

I was also elected as the first-year class vice president and representative for Human Welfare Advocates Club (HWAC).

From my first to fourth college years, I became an active social work student in our school. I also became a contestant for Mr. & Ms. Intramurals. Even though I did not win the title, it was an experience to cherish.

I was also active in our community. I was elected as chairman in the Youth Council in our barangay (village).

My colleagues and I promoted the welfare of children and youth. To be a Youth Council chairman was a big help to me, especially in my studies.

At times I faced so many struggles with regards to my schooling, especially when my two siblings started college.

We experienced lots of difficulties in terms of financial matters. I felt sadness whenever I saw my parents looking so worried about the situation.

But as I was saying, God is really good all the time. He never brought us down. He guided and provided help for us. That was through CFCA – the foundation that never left us in times of need.

CFCA provided all our needs and necessities. CFCA also became my parentsí partner in supporting my studies.

In my 14 years in CFCA, I was very much thankful that I became a part of the foundation. I will truly treasure all the experiences I gained here.

I would not be who I am now if not for the help of my beloved sponsors and CFCA. I pray this generous foundation will last a thousand years so that it could also help lots of children and families who are less fortunate like us.

Thank you very much and more power! May God bless us all!

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  1. salaom
    jessica, I am so proud of you. your commitment for studies is a wonderful one especially in your age. improve your talents and be loving and wonder to people around you and God. salamat nang marami..gabby..Indonesia.

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