Oct 29 2011

CFCA in the blogosphere: 8000 for 8000 + Jose Miguel

CFCA blogWe’ve had two wonderful blog posts from CFCA sponsors this last week!

Both these blog posts feature Walk2gether and the campaign to find sponsors for 8,000 kids. With the support of people like Suzanne and Tina, we’re making progress toward that goal!

1) 8000 for 8000

Suzanne, a CFCA sponsor, highlighted her personal sponsorship experience on her blog and also pointed to our consistently high evaluations by independent charity evaluators.

Here’s an excerpt …

“The president of CFCA walked 8000 miles between December 2009 and June 2011 to bring attention to families in poverty. He would like to have 8000 children sponsored, one for each mile he walked. …

“I can attest to how wonderful the sponsorship experience is. Weíve been sponsoring Ivan from Colombia since 2009. Itís one of the best things we’ve ever done. We just received his Christmas card last week, complete with a recent picture. Heís just adorable and itís been great to see how heís grown throughout the last two years.”

Read the full blog post: 8000 for 8000

2) Jose Miguel ~ Sponsorship & Prayers

Tina Fisher posted a beautiful picture of Jose Miguel to her blog. Here’s his story:

Jose†Miguel was born on April 28, 2010 to a mother who is 20 years old and a father who is 25.†† He likes to play with cars and is learning Spanish.† He is said to be so sweet and has special needs regarding his health,†he has Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

“His†mother and father both work, yet they have so many problems as their income is too low to cover all the needs for little Jose Miguel.† He lives in a home with mud walls, a zinc roof, and a dirt floor.† He sleeps on a wooden bed, cooking is done by firewood and lastly, six people live in this home.††The family income is about $15 USD per month.

“My prayers, if it’s God’s will, are for me to use my blog & tweeting to help this family gain†sponsorship.† Sponsorship is $30 USD per month.†”

Read the full blog post: Jose Miguel

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