Oct 6 2011

5 ways to share CFCA on Facebook

We can’t thank our sponsors enough for sharing CFCA and our work using their Facebook accounts!

A growing number of people are hearing about us from their friends, especially through social media outlets like Facebook.

We’ve outlined five ways that you can share CFCA through Facebook. If you’re a Facebook pro, this may be a little rudimentary for you.

But we hope everyone learns something from this. Even Facebook pros can be surprised by its quirks!

1) “Like” us on Facebook.

If this button still appears whenever you visit our Facebook page, it means you haven’t “liked” us yet!

Clicking on the “Like” button will allow you access to post to our Facebook wall, view other comments from sponsors and gain greater interactivity and engagement with our page.

2) “Like” or comment on one of our Wall posts.

By clicking on the “Like” button just beneath a Wall post, that shows other people that you appreciate the item.

It also tells Facebook that this is a Wall post other people like, which can help us reach a wider audience.

If you comment, you add a little message of your own that other people see when they view this Wall post.

3) “Post” on our Wall.

You can write a text message (post), share a photo, copy and paste a website link, and even share a video on our Facebook Wall.

4) “Tag” us in a status update or photo.

On your personal Facebook profile, you can update your status and “tag” our page using the @ sign.

After the @ symbol and as you start typing our page’s name, a window similar to this should pop up. Once you click on our Facebook page, the following window should appear:

5) “Share” one of our Wall posts, a photo album, a video or event.

By clicking the “Share” button, you can choose whether to post this on your personal profile Wall, to a Facebook group or other organization, or even send a private Facebook message to one or more of your friends.

You can also write a personal message before you share it.

And even the text in the Wall post can be changed, if you like:

As an added bonus, check out this video that shows how you can “share” one of our photo albums of children who are waiting for a sponsor!


Anything we’ve missed? Feel free to suggest other ways in which people can share CFCA through Facebook!

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