Sep 22 2011

Pupusas or stuffed tortillas from El Salvador (recipe)

Pupusas, or stuffed corn tortillas, from El Salvador

Pupusas, or stuffed corn tortillas, from El Salvador … mmm!

CFCA serves more than 12,000 sponsored children and elderly in El Salvador. Our staff members there sent us this tasty recipe for pupusas, or stuffed tortillas!

This is the most traditional food in El Salvador. It is very popular, probably for its flavor and low cost. The stuffing ingredients will vary according to the type of pupusa made. The dough can be made of corn or rice.

This recipe makes about 20 pupusas.


  • 1 pound of stuffing (cheese, ground pork, beans, fish, etc.)
  • 2 pounds of corn flour
  • Salt to taste


  • Salsa (at least half a bottle)
  • Pickled cabbage (about a pound)
  • Onions, carrots and lemon juice (optional)

Juan Antonio – the dancing man

If you’ve never made pupusas before, we recommend watching this YouTube video:

Take two full tablespoons of corn flour and make a tortilla.

Take one tablespoon of stuffing and put it on top of the tortilla.

Close the tortilla, maintaining the stuffing inside, and make a ball.

Note: Be careful that the stuffing does not drip out of the tortilla. The stuffing should stay inside and the maize flour dough will cover it, looking like a thick round tortilla.

Oil a frying pan and warm it up for few minutes. Throw the pupusa to the frying pan and turn it around until the corn flour is a little cooked (like cooking pancakes).

Keep turning it around every 2-3 minutes until it is fully cooked.

Serve with tomato sauce or cabbage relish, lightly fermented. It is usually served with pickled cabbage, onions, carrots, and sometimes lemon juice.

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