Sep 1 2011

New ‘Faces of CFCA’ picture for September

Merton Garrison and his CFCA sponsored child, Daryeling

The next “Faces of CFCA” profile picture is up on our Facebook page!

The photo is of Merton Garrison and his sponsored friend, Daryeling, from Nicaragua. Merton, who lives in Washington, sponsored Daryeling while on a 2011 mission awareness trip to Nicaragua.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted pictures for this profile picture series.

All the photos are beautiful and exactly what we wanted to convey ñ the friendship that develops between CFCA sponsors and those they sponsor.

We have more than enough photos to last us for the next seven months, so if you’ve submitted a picture, it may be a little while before it appears on Facebook.

To submit, simply email a .jpg photo file (the higher the resolution, the better) to

Include your name and your preferred form of contact (phone, email, etc.) in case we have any questions about your submission.

Thanks again for your support!

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  1. I had the opportunity to meet Daryeling when Merton’s picrture was taken. To see the responce of this little girl, and her Grandmother, to Merton and the fact that he would care enough for them as to sponcer her is enough to wake up all to the need of the poor for our help. Congratulations to Merton and the pretty little girl. I know she will be totally in love with her “Padrino”!!!

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