Sep 15 2011

How to sponsor children and help your church youth group

CFCA fundraiser: Raise funds, raise hopeDo you belong to a church youth group? If so, you might be interested in our new “Raise Funds, Raise Hope” initiative.

“Raise Funds, Raise Hope” helps U.S. church youth groups raise money by finding sponsors for children and aging people waiting for CFCA sponsorship.

Whenever a youth minister or other adult leader schedules this fundraiser for a parish community, we send folders with photos and family profiles of children waiting for sponsorship.

For every sponsor who signs up, the group earns money to support its local programs.

Interested? Visit or contact Larry Livingston, CFCA director of church relations, at (800) 875-6564 or at

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that you could raise money for youth groups through sponsorships. That does a lot more good for humanity and is a much better way than selling Dunkin Donuts, for sure! Plus it teaches kids more directly about being the hands and feet of Jesus. Thanks for the information!

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