Sep 20 2011

Guatemalan moms sell chickens in sponsorship program

Gerver Churunel from our communications center in Guatemala sent us this note about chickens as part of CFCA sponsorship benefits. Never underestimate the power of poultry to make positive change!

CFCA mothers of sponsored children buy chickens at Guatemala market

Mothers of sponsored children buy chickens at market day near the CFCA office in San Jose Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

The Hermano Pedro project in Guatemala is encouraging the growth and self-sufficiency of families in the sponsorship program through investment benefits.

Unlike consumption benefits, investment benefits gain in value from the time they are distributed. A piglet becomes a pig, a seed becomes a fruit-producing plant, etc.

The CFCA community in San Jose Quetzaltenango in western Guatemala delivered chicks as family benefits.

The staff coordinated a market near the CFCA office where mothers sold their adult chickens to other sponsored friends and their families.

“This idea started in 2010 with the Hope for a Family program. The intention of this is to support families so that they generate their own development,” said Floridalma PÈrez, the Quetzaltenango coordinator.

The project has delivered cows, sheep, hens, pigs and other livestock when families in the sponsorship program request them.

Families must be willing to save a portion of their monthly benefits for two to three months to receive about four hens, depending on the amount of their savings.

The mothers used to buy their animals at the local market in the townís main plaza on Sundays, market day.

Juan, CFCA sponsored child, holds chickens at Guatemala market day

Juan, a sponsored child, holds chickens at the CFCA market day in Guatemala.

But the staff considered a new idea: Why not have a market day in the local CFCA building?

Several mothers in the program sell the chickens they received as a CFCA sponsorship benefit in the local market. The staff decided to give these mothers a chance to sell their chickens to other families in the program.

The CFCA project gave chickens to 74 families in their first organized market activity. The activity was a success. Ten mothers arrived to sell their chickens.

Valeria is one of the sellers. She has always sold chickens in the local market. One of her children is sponsored through CFCA.

Valeria said the CFCA market was a great opportunity to earn some income for her family. She sold 50 chickens in one hour, a total of $353 in sales. Each chicken sold for about $7.

“I am very happy because some of the chickens that I sold were benefits that I received in the previous months,î Valeria said.

Yolanda has two sponsored children. She received money to buy eight chickens.

“I am very grateful for the help CFCA is giving us,î Yolanda said. ìMany times we do not have the ability to buy chickens.”

Yolanda also expressed her happiness at raising chickens at her home. They are helpful at times when the family has no funds to buy eggs or chickens to make soup.

Yolanda hopes to be part of the mothers selling someday and make a profit to help cover household expenses.

CFCA staff members in Quetzaltenango believe this is a step toward self-sufficiency for sponsored friends and their families in this area. They hope to also organize the sale of turkeys and sheep because these animals are the most commonly traded in this area of the country.

These activities provide families new ways to meet their household needs.

CFCA is touching thousands of families by providing opportunities to overcome economic struggles and have a chance for a better future. It is through regular, ongoing sponsorship contributions that these benefits are possible!

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