Aug 25 2011

What happens when my friend leaves the sponsorship program?

Sponsorship can last several or many years, as long as your friend remains eligible for the program and you choose to continue.

If your friend is attending school, including trade school or college, eligibility for benefits may continue.

At some point, your friend will leave the program. Here are some reasons why:

  • Graduation. When sponsored friends have achieved their educational goals and graduated from high school or university, they receive a loving farewell and celebration by CFCA staff.
  • Family moves from the program area. Our offices in the field cannot serve families once they have moved from the area where our program is.
  • Sponsored friend leaves school to begin working. We place a high value on education, and in most cases someone must be in school to be sponsored. We encourage families to understand the importance of education and to continue their children in the sponsorship program as long as possible, but it is always the family’s choice.
  • Familyís economic situation improves. Our sponsorship program is based on the needs of each family. If the family becomes self-sufficient enough not to need sponsorship, that’s cause for celebration!

Whether the departure is expected or not, CFCA will always notify you. In 90 percent of cases, the sponsored child or field staff members also send a final letter describing the reasons for the departure.

If this occurs, we hope you will sponsor someone else who needs support, but you are under no obligation.

In case you’ve already paid for quarterly or yearly sponsorship benefits, CFCA will automatically select someone else (based on need) to receive the sponsorship benefits you’ve paid for in advance.

However, you can always contact us at any time to cancel the sponsorship. We’ll always respect your decision.

If at any time you find you are unable to continue sponsorship, please let us know so we can find another sponsor for your friend. Thanks, and we appreciate your support.

6 thoughts on “What happens when my friend leaves the sponsorship program?”

  1. Clarification requested – “final” letter means no more communication ?
    I hope I’m misunderstanding what you mean by “final letter.”

    1. Hi Catherine,

      The final letter is the last letter that sponsors receive from their friend, since their friend is no longer in the sponsorship program. So yes, after that letter CFCA does not facilitate communication between former sponsored friends and their former sponsors.

      I hope this helps clarify the situation. Please let us know if you have other questions.

      ~Shanxi, CFCA online content manager

  2. I was recently on the MAT to the Philippines. This subject came up during one of our Q & A/reflection sessions. Bob Hentzen told us that after the sponsorship ends you can still keep in contact with your friend through social media. Well, I had understood that, when you were notified that your friend had left the program, you could write a farewell letter to them and that was it. I had no idea we could keep in contact. I have no idea where my friend is now or how I could contact him. There had been so much talk about using social media that I thought it was taboo. I know that was referring to active sponsorship and not sponsorships that had ended. What is the policy about sponsored friends that have left the program?

    1. Thanks for your question, Merton.

      CFCA is not able to facilitate communication between sponsored friends and sponsors after the sponsorship has ended. Our focus is on providing a safe way for sponsored friends and sponsors to communicate with each other while they are participating in the CFCA program. As you know, we do this through letters that are sent through our project offices to ensure they are appropriate and follow our child protection and privacy guidelines.

      While some former sponsored friends and sponsors find each other on Facebook after the sponsorship ends, CFCA does not facilitate or encourage their contact. We cherish the friendships that form between sponsored friends and sponsors through our program. Unfortunately, our ability to safely facilitate these friendships is only through the sponsorship program.

      Thank you, again, for your excellent question.

      ~Shanxi, CFCA online content manager

  3. After receiving your sponsored friend’s final letter, does CFCA still allow the sponsor to send a final letter to her/his friend? I was devastated when my first sponsored child left the program. I had sponsored her for 11 years and being able to say good-bye to her really helped. That was 8 years ago, and I immediately began sponsoring another girl. She will soon turn 17 so I am trying to psychologically prepare myself for her departure.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      Yes, sponsors are able to send a final letter to their friend when they are retired from the program. You may send the letter the same way you send a normal letter.

      CFCA does not have an age cut-off for our program, so if your sponsored friend plans on seeking higher education, they will likely still be eligible for sponsorship while they remain in school. We encourage sponsors to ask their friends what their education plans are through letters to gain a better sense of how long your friend will stay in the program.

      We thank you for the commitment you have made to help a friend in need.

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