Aug 30 2011

Promoting adult literacy through CFCA

We recently published a story about Buenaventura, a sponsored 63-year-old in the Dominican Republic who has learned to read and write through a CFCA adult literacy program.

In the 22 countries where CFCA works, aging people such as Buenaventura often have no one to depend on for their well-being.

They usually receive no social security and may not be able to count on family members for support because adult children are often occupied with their own survival.

We always encourage people to sponsor a child, but we also encourage people to consider sponsoring an elderly or aging friend. The elderly often serve as mentors for young people in the community and offer support and encouragement to one another.

Sponsorship provides them with medical care, nutritious food and the opportunity to participate in recreational and educational programs.

As Buenaventura’s story demonstrates, it’s never too late to begin achieving your educational dreams!

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  1. Among others, we sponsor two elderly people who happen to be as old as us. This is not the problem….theirs lies within their society and their lives are so much more difficult than ours.
    Please take the time out to pray for these “elderly” that their lives will be full of the Holy Spirit and that we as Americans will be able to help them with the Lords grace and our money. Thank you, Steven and Theresa Howard, Tambor de Alajuela, Costa RIca

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