Aug 24 2011

Letter to CFCA sponsors: ‘A dignified place to house my family’

Stacy King, CFCA mission awareness trip coordinator, recently traveled to Colombia and brought home this beautifully moving story of a family served by CFCA. Family members lost their house during a landslide, but they have a new home thanks to the project’s emergency need fund and CFCA staff support.

One of the activities on a CFCA mission awareness trip that always seems to stand out are the visits to CFCA sponsored friendsí homes.

Families warmly open their homes and their hearts to complete strangers.

CFCA picture of Wendy, Erica and Kevin, part of Blanca's family in El Salvador

From left are Wendy, Blanca’s granddaughter, sponsored through CFCA; Erica, Blanca’s niece who also lives in the family home; and Kevin, Blanca’s son, also sponsored through CFCA. Blanca wrote a beautiful thank-you letter to CFCA sponsors.

Most visits are only 10-15 minutes, but they can open your eyes to the different realities of each family and how each is part of CFCAís community of compassion.

In the central mountains of Colombia, a small group of CFCA staff and sponsors visited the home of a woman who has been active in CFCAís program for many years, as both a mother and now a grandmother.

Through sponsorship and CFCA, Blanca was able to rebuild her home after a municipal water main broke behind her hillside home.

The saturated land could not support its own weight and gave way to a landslide, which left the home buried with the family inside.

Blanca and the CFCA staff shared with us the familyís story as we toured their newly built, solid, concrete home.

We met her eldest daughter and youngest son (sponsored in the CFCA program), her granddaughter (also sponsored) and her niece who lives in the home with them.

Blanca shared that on the night of the mudslide, she was not sure if she would see her whole family again, but she did. Everyone survived.

After a 10-minute tour of her home and small tailoring business, our small group said goodbye.

Blanca, slightly trembling, pulled out a single sheet of paper and said, “I would like to say a few words to the sponsors even though they are not my childrenís sponsors.”

Dearest friends:

May you receive an affectionate greeting. I hope you and your family are well both physically and spiritually.

It brings me great happiness that I can express my thanks for your generosity.

I have a dignified place to house my family. If it were not for that, things would be very precarious.

My children are able to continue studying thanks to your generous donations that you give each month.

Because of CFCA they receive all of the necessary supplies to continue studying and become people that society in our country needs.

Once again I thank God and the Virgin a thousand times over for your blessings and to be with you on your daily walk.

With affection:
Blanca and family.

When she finished, she handed me the paper and asked me to share this with the sponsors.

I could not think of a better way of doing what she asked than by sharing a bit of her story on the CFCA blog.

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  1. What a great story. Thank you for sharing! I, too, was blown away by all that I learned in the brief visits to sponsored families’ homes on my Mission Awareness Trip to Guatemala. The families were so kind and went out of their way to welcome us.

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