Aug 1 2011

Introducing ‘Faces of CFCA’ on our Facebook page

CFCA Facebook profile picture of Kim Hope and NayeliMany of you may have already noticed our Facebook page‘s new profile picture!

The photo is of Kim Hope and her sponsored friend, Nayeli, on a recent mission awareness trip in the Dominican Republic.

It’s the first of a series of profile pictures, which we’re pleased to introduce as the “Faces of CFCA” series.

We’d love for you to submit pictures of you and your sponsored friend for us to consider as the next “Faces of CFCA” picture.

Even if you haven’t been on a mission awareness trip, you can still participate. Try putting a picture of your sponsored friend close to your face, as in this sample photo of Michele Batliner, a CFCA communications staff member, with a picture of her sponsored child, Betty, in Kenya.

To submit a picture, simply email a .jpg photo file to [email protected]. Include your name and your preferred form of contact (phone, email, etc.) if we have any questions about your submission.

We’ll collect all the submissions, feature them in a Facebook photo album, and select a new picture each month.

Thanks so much, and we’re excited to see your submissions!

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