Aug 17 2011

How to log in to our new CFCA website (video walk-through)

We’re excited to announce new changes to our website,!

Sponsors can now manage their account online through the new “Manage my account” option, the top-right blue button on our website.

When you register for an account, you’ll need your CFCA ID, name exactly as it appears on your account (special characters and all), and ZIP code.

You’ll be prompted to create a username and password. Once you’re set up, you can log in quickly and easily with your username and password.

Watch the screencast below for more details. It’s best viewed in fullscreen mode [click the little square symbol next to the YouTube button]:

Your online account provides you with the following features:

  • Write an eLetter. Not to be confused with email, an eLetter is a message sent to your friend through your CFCA online account, not your personal email address. eLetters are easy, economical and secure.
  • Manage your account. You can pay your sponsorship, donate to special funds, update your address or phone number, view your payment history and print an annual contribution statement.
  • Learn about benefits and services in your friend’s local program. Our staffs in Kansas City and in the field have been working hard to provide information about how much help your sponsorship provides. For example, the detailed descriptions of benefits and services available in your friend’s local program come directly from our overseas staff!
  • View and print your friend’s photo.
  • See your friend’s birth date.

If you need help with your login or navigating these features, our Sponsor Services representatives can assist you. Just call 1-800-875-6564.

Note: As we roll out these changes, our website may be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your patience!

9 thoughts on “How to log in to our new CFCA website (video walk-through)”

  1. I am trying to register for the first time and it is telling me that Safari can not connect to the server. I am on a Mac, any suggestions on why I cant register ?

    1. Dear Ernestine,

      We recently updated our site to include some new information and functionality, which led to the site no longer being compatible with older versions of several web browsers, such as Microsoft IE and Safari. We recommend keeping your browser up to date so that you can have the best and most secure experience on our site, as well as many others across the web. If you are unable to update your current browser, we suggest using Google Chrome, which is compatible with our website.

      Thanks so much,
      Christina, Sponsor Services manager

  2. I’ve been a sponsor for some time and I’ve never heard of eLetters before now. You should really publicize them more through the materials that I get in the mail from CFCA. eLetters would probably reach the sponsored children quicker and be less expensive than paper letters. Although it is good to retain the paper option as well in case sponsors want to send pictures or other hand-drawn artwork.

    1. Thanks, David, for your comment. We’re doing our best to publicize these new features through our print publications as well as our website, blog and social media channels.

      We’re excited to let more sponsors know of our efforts, and you’re right – eLetters are definitely less expensive to mail and, in most cases, reach sponsored friends more quickly.

      ~Shanxi Omoniyi, CFCA web editor and writer

  3. I love the new features of the site. Reading about the projects has been wonderful. Will things change with how we receive letters and pictures in the mail or will things stay as is and now we just have the added benefits of the on-line portion? Thanks again for all the hard work to get this up and going.

  4. This is totally awesome. Thanks CFCA. Writing letters on-line and the community and services area really help us know our sponsored individuals better. Really great!

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