Jul 6 2011

School starting for Indian schoolchildren

CFCA sponsored children go to school in India

Remi, a CFCA sponsored child in India, leaves for school as her mother, Jyotsna, waves goodbye. CFCA has provided Remi with new school supplies.

Many U.S. schoolchildren are still enjoying summer vacation, but CFCA sponsored children in Hyderabad, India, resumed classes in mid- to late June.

(See school calendars around the world in an earlier blog post.)

Sponsorship support allows parents to pay school fees due at the beginning of the academic year, and to buy shoes and textbooks.

The project supplies school bags for the children, and notebooks made by a CFCA bookbinding livelihood program.

In livelihood programs, parents of sponsored children form small groups to develop creative and practical income-generating ideas.

Because of the program, the project can supply the books at a lower price while maintaining quality, as well as providing families with much-needed income.

CFCA-Hyderabad deposits a portion of the sponsorship funds in child accounts at local banks.

Mothers of sponsored children withdraw funds from the accounts to pay school fees and buy uniforms, textbooks and shoes.

This model helps give families a greater sense of dignity as they are actively participating in, not passively receiving, increased access to education.

A mother of a CFCA sponsored child in India withdraws funds for school

A mother of a sponsored child withdraws money from her local bank.

“With this money I am able to send my child to a high-quality school, thanks to CFCA,” said Jayamma, whose daughter, Nagalaxmi, is sponsored.

Vijaya Rani, another mother of a sponsored child, says that school fees and other school-related costs have increased.

“With the amount which we are getting through CFCA, we are able to bear these expenses,” she said.

For many sponsored children, education is opening doors to a realm of new possibilities.

“My ambition is to become an engineer,” Nagalaxmi said. “For that I need to work hard.”

Go for it, Nagalaxmi! We wish you and your family all the best.

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