Jul 28 2011

Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend, part 5

Here’s the last post in our series, “Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend” that don’t involve an actual mission awareness trip!

Sandhya and family in India praying for CFCA sponsor

So far we have four ways:

1) Cook a meal native to your friend’s ethnic cuisine,
2) Do something your friend likes doing,
3) Research your friend’s country, and
4) Write letters.

The fifth is to:

5) Pray.

Sponsored friends treasure your prayers as well as your letters. Not only that, but they pray for you as well.

A video of Hazel, a sponsored child in El Salvador, shows her praying for her sponsor as well as her family.

Here’s a blessing from one sponsored youth to a husband and wife, his sponsors:

“God’s gift to me are people
Like you
So on wings of prayers
I whispered my thanks
To Him and ask Him
To bless you in
Countless ways, take care.”

We hope you enjoyed this series! What else do you do to connect with your sponsored friend? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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