Jul 21 2011

Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend, part 4

We’re in the middle of a series, “Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend” that don’t involve an actual mission awareness trip!

Cinthya, sponsored through CFCA

Cinthya, a CFCA sponsored child in Nicaragua, writes a letter to her sponsor.

So far we have three ways:

1) Cook a meal native to your friend’s ethnic cuisine,
2) Do something your friend likes doing, and
3) Research your friend’s country.

The fourth is to:

4) Write letters.

Time and time again, we hear from sponsored friends about the value and impact that your letters have in their lives.

They also love to see your pictures!

We recently featured an interview with Edras, a sponsored child in Honduras.

He said about his sponsors, “I would ask them to continue writing me because it makes me very happy, more than any gift that they would send me.”

Writers’ block? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

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2 thoughts on “Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend, part 4”

  1. Thank you for all of the helpful advice. I feel like I can now sit down and write my first letter to my sponsored child. The ideas given on this website are fantastic. I have taken notes and will now be able to easily sit down and tell him about my family and my life. I love the idea of sending pictures from newspapers, of what our climate is like and of just simple things that we do every day. I’m looking forward to my future letters already. Blessings to all of you. Jan

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