Jul 14 2011

Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend, part 3

We’re in the middle of a series about five ways to “visit” your sponsored friend that don’t involve an actual mission awareness trip!

CFCA mission awareness trip to Costa Rica

A CFCA mission awareness trip to Costa Rica.

So far we have two ways:

1) Cook a meal native to your friend’s ethnic cuisine and 2) Do something your friend likes doing.

The third is to:

3) Research your friend’s country.

Our country pages are a great place to start. Watch a video, see photos and learn more about your friend’s community.

Questions to consider:

ï Is your friend’s community urban or rural? Is transportation accessible?
ï What is the traditional costume of your friend’s country? Do you know the history behind it?
ï What’s the weather like?
ï The U.S. Census fact sheet from its 2005-2009 survey found that the average U.S. family size was 3.19. What’s the average family size for your friend’s country?
ï What is the country’s school system? The language(s) spoken there?
ï Does knowing more about the country help you understand your friend better? Why or why not?

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