Jul 7 2011

Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend, part 2

We’re in the middle of a series, “Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend” that don’t involve an actual mission awareness trip!

Our first suggestion was to cook a meal native to your friend’s ethnic cuisine. The second way is to:

2) Do something your friend likes doing.

CFCA sponsored children in the Dominican Republic

From left, Jefrey, Miguel and Angel are CFCA sponsored children in the Dominican Republic.

What are your friend’s hobbies? Does he/she like to play soccer†or cricket? Cook? Dance? Play marbles?

On another note, what are your friend’s duties and chores around the house? How similar/different are they to your duties?

Set aside a time when you can also participate in your friend’s hobbies and interests, then let your friend know about it in your next letter.

It will be even more memorable if it’s something you don’t do regularly!

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