Jul 23 2011

Chilean mothers reflect on Walk2gether finale

Walk2gether, the nearly 8,000-mile journey undertaken by CFCA President Bob Hentzen, is over, but the spirit of the walk lives on. Recently the mothers in Chile who organized the finale and decorated Pratt Stadium gathered to reflect on the walk’s culmination. CFCA-Chile staff member Carolina Salazar Herrera sent us this report from Valparaiso.

Bob Hentzen and Walk2gether finale in Chile

Bob Hentzen and thousands of CFCA sponsored members and their families celebrate the end of Walk2gether in Valparaiso, Chile, on June 6, 2011.

The pilgrimage, an act of Christian love to those most in need, represented the unity between the different projects of Latin America.

Don Roberto (Bob) once more demonstrated with this walk that he loves the poor and is an example of hope, of a life of prayer, sacrifice and faith.

The Valparaiso project had an activity in honor of the mothers who supported us on the walk.

They helped us organize and decorate the place where Bob finished this immense work of love, passing on a message of hope, love and dignity to those most in need.

Many mothers offered their impressions on the celebrations:

1) Olga: “I can’t tell you how much seeing Don Roberto affected me. It gave me [a lump] in my chest and made me cry. Every day when I pray, I remember him and I ask God to give him vitality and health so he can continue this beautiful movement with everyone who helps him.”

2) Marcia: “When I saw Don Roberto arriving, I was grateful and content. I never thought I would see this. I told him that thanks to him, his family and the foundation, my children can continue their studies. I have so much to tell him, but at that moment, the words did not come.”

3) Ivonne (who walked with Bob): “It was a marvelous experience to share with Don Roberto and the others, to be able to thank him for everything they do for us. I told him when I arrived here, it was a critical moment for us, but thanks to the foundation, we were able to overcome.”

Nancy reads a poem at the Walk2gether finale

Nancy, grandmother of CFCA sponsored child Juan, reads a poem at the Walk2gether finale.

4) Ema: “I never thought I would be able to see him and tears fell. So much vitality for his age. He charmed me when he danced our national dance (the cueca) and the images of him walking in the other countries. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A thousand thanks.”

Nancy, grandmother of CFCA sponsored child Juan, read this poem at the Walk2gether finale:

The Walk

Robert Hentzen
You are one of those chosen
By God to help the poor
Of this world.

On your walk
God used you
As his instrument.
You are one of the treasures
That God put in this world
To help others.
You are an example
For humanity.
The spirit of our Lord
Is with you.
He cares for you, protects you
And guides you on the path
To teach this world about solidarity …

That your spirit is so humble
As that of the Son of God
On your walk, you have been
Like a ray of light
And hope for poor children
And elderly
Of this world.
That God keeps illuminating you
And strengthening you on the walk
To help others.
May you and your family and your brothers and sisters
Be blessed.

Thank you and many blessings …

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