Jun 15 2011

Honduran boy with epilepsy dreams of becoming an engineer

Here is an interview with Edras, a CFCA sponsored child with epilepsy in Honduras. CFCA helps the family pay for transportation to and from his treatment at a hospital where there are specialists.

How did you feel when you got sponsored?

Edras, sponsored through CFCA in Honduras

Edras, sponsored through CFCA in Honduras.

I felt like the happiest child in the world. I was not sponsored before, but I was always going [to the CFCA office] with Yami [a mother of a CFCA sponsored child and a community volunteer].

One day they filled out some paperwork and quickly my mother came to me happy and told me I was sponsored.

That was the happiest day of my life. I danced, jumped and hugged all my neighbors and friends.

What does sponsorship offer you?

When I get sick my social worker goes with me and my mother and father. When I am sad she cheers me up.

My sponsors John and Terri always cheer me up with letters. I feel happy with their pictures and for the beautiful things they write.

John is my friend, and I always carry his picture in my backpack because he is my sponsor.

Besides the help that my sponsor has provided through CFCA, my parents have also received cement and wood. This way we can live better, and I can share my birthday with my friends.

There is always food on the table, and it helps me to be a better boy in the community.

Your sponsors say you want to become an engineer when you grow up. Why did you choose engineering?

I like to build and invent things. I like to draw blueprints of houses that I dream of building, including a beautiful house for my mother.

Edras, sponsored through CFCA in Honduras

Edras plays with one of his toys. He hopes to be an engineer someday.

I also like to see the inside of electronic devices. My mother gets upset when I ruin them, but she also gets happy when I fix the ones that do not work. I want to be an electrical engineer.

How has epilepsy affected your life?

I constantly get sick and sometimes my head aches, and I get sad that I canít study. When I was younger I had convulsions and wasn’t able to go to school.

I am happy because I have not gotten sick for many days. I take my pills. The doctor says if God allows it next year, I will not be taking them anymore.

Has sponsorship helped you with epilepsy? If yes, how?

Yes, a lot. It has helped me with medication, medical checkups and visits to the doctor.

Your sponsors say that they enjoy reading your letters and like your new picture. What would you like to tell them?

I want to tell them that without knowing them in person, I love them. Each day I thank God for having them.

I want to meet them and their two grandkids. They are my family, my guardian angels; they help me without my seeing them.

I would ask them to continue writing me because it makes me very happy, more than any gift that they would send me. I dream of hugging them.

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