Jun 29 2011

Five ways to ‘visit’ your sponsored friend, part 1

If you haven’t yet been on a mission awareness trip with CFCA, you can still connect with your sponsored friend in other ways. For the next few weeks, we’ll feature five ways you can “visit” your friend.

Liberty Sementelli and the chocolate-making mothers group in Guatemala

Liberty Sementelli, left, helps women in Guatemala with their chocolate business. Read her amazing story of how she raised $1,500 for a chocolate grinding machine.

The first is:

1) Cook a meal native to your friend’s ethnic cuisine.

You can learn a lot about a culture from its cuisine. For instance, why do countries with hot climates have hot food? Do the main dishes contain meat, or can they be made with vegetables (usually much more economical)?

Here are just a few suggestions:

You can find many of these ethnic recipes online.

These make great family dinners and conversation starters. For instance, what is similar and what is different from your usual dining fare?

After sampling food from another country, consider writing about your meal in your next letter. You could also ask what your friend’s favorite food is, and why.

Have you ìvisitedî your friend through food? If so, what dishes have you prepared or sampled?

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