Jun 22 2011

CFCA caption contest: Plenty of pineapples

CFCA caption contest: Plenty of pineapples

Warm and sunny temperatures, delicious pineapples … they can only mean one thing.

A CFCA caption contest!

How would you describe the action going on in this picture? Share with us your clever caption by adding a comment below.

(Hereís a refresher on our guidelines ñ we donít accept offensive or inappropriate comments, profane or abusive language.)

Please submit all your captions to us by noon CST on Wednesday, June 29.

A team of qualified panelists (a.k.a. CFCA employees) will then select and announce the winning caption in early July. The winner will receive a prize of a CFCA grocery bag as well as recognition from the general CFCA community.


0 thoughts on “CFCA caption contest: Plenty of pineapples”

  1. “It is Manís faith to God that teaches our hands to work…
    And Itís manís hand that do will give us fruits and SEE how God loves us!”

    “CFCA Pineapple produce, the fruit of faith, the fruit of Godís love,
    Taste the fruit with many eyes that will refreshes our hearts and see how God Loves us.”

  2. The recipe for “Pineapple Delight” called for only one pineapple, but this community prided itself on an abundance of “Delight.”

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