May 25 2011

CFCA scholar overcomes shyness with public speaking

Marcela is a CFCA scholar earning a business administration degree at the Instituto TecnolÛgico Superior in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico. Monthly meetings with other CFCA scholars and a group of mothers empowered her to grow comfortable with public speaking.

Marcela, CFCA scholar in Mexico

Marcela, CFCA scholar in Mexico.

In your letter, you said you were afraid of speaking in front of a group of mothers. Explain how you gradually lost your fear.

When I first entered the CFCA community, they presented me to a group of mothers. I was very nervous. I did not know them or how to deal with them.

Afterward we had another monthly meeting. I remember that the mothers formed into groups and then I went from group to group and talked to them.

Then we arranged sporting activities with the sponsored children in which all the scholarship recipients gathered on the soccer fields to play a game with the sponsored children.

After we finished playing we went to buy refreshments at the store. We talked and were very happy.

At first I was very shy and almost didnít talk to my fellow scholarship recipients, but slowly I got to know them. From then on, every month I had to prepare my monthly meeting with a partner.

The CFCA coordinator constantly asked us to have our meetings and to visit the house of each one of the sponsored children to get to know them better.

After these visits, I began to change. Now I can express my ideas freely without having to worry about what anyone might say.

Our visits with the children, their mothers and my colleagues made me more confident of myself. The monthly meetings, speaking every month in every session, helped get rid of my nervousness.

This made it seem normal to speak to all the people present. I learned that when you speak in a certain way, you can grab their attention.

That is when you discover the real you and realize that you can give a lot more of yourself than you thought possible.

When you begin to know yourself, you begin to understand that person was always there, hiding, only that person had not been given the opportunity to emerge.

How did the CFCA scholarship help you with your studies?

The scholarship helps me a lot with school supplies and registration fees.

It also pays for the trips that the teachers program requires to visit other places and nurture our knowledge. It has also served me to pay for transportation and food.

Something that I will never forget is the struggle, sacrifice and effort that my parents have put into being able to give me the opportunity of studying toward a career.

That is why I am trying hard to get ahead in school, in order not to let down the unconditional support of my parents.

When you suffer for something that you want, that is when you value it the most. You focus on what you want to achieve, and this causes us to mature.

If there is something that I will never forget, it is the mark that CFCA has left on me.

CFCA has transformed my life in a way that has changed my attitude, without losing my essence, my heritage and, most importantly, who I am.

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  1. °Excelente, Marcela! Sigue adelante. La subida a la montaÒa cÛmo cuesta, pero ya que llegues a la cima vas a poder disfrutar el panorama que bien merecido vas a tener. Saludos.

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