Apr 13 2011

Lenten reflection: Embracing the reality of the cross

Larry LivingstonEvery Wednesday throughout Lent, we will post a reflection from Larry Livingston, CFCA church relations director. We hope these reflections help you on your own Lenten journey.

Palm Sunday marks our entry into Holy Week, the most sacred time of the Church year.

Now are we invited to begin our annual trek into the depths of the paschal mystery, the central reality of our faith.

Some will keep this week’s opportunities at armís length, for reflecting on the suffering and death of Jesus is not a pleasant exercise.

But for those willing to embrace the spirituality of these coming days, there is much to be discovered about God, the human condition and ourselves.

Part of that discovery is, of necessity, uncomfortable. We are not only asked to witness the drama of Jesusí Passion, we are drawn into it as central characters.

We are there in the crowd, shouting ìhosannaî as Jesus enters into Jerusalem. But we are also there at his trial days later, urging Pilate to condemn Jesus to a criminalís death.

This is the perpetual crossroads at which we find ourselves, challenged daily to make decisions that either reverence the Christ who lives in others ñ and in ourselves ñ or contribute to further isolation, suffering and death.

We rarely recognize it in such solemn terms, but this is where we are. It is part of the price we pay for being human.

It is easy to rationalize the role each of us plays in the continuing sufferings of Christ, but Lent exists to teach us otherwise.

Like it or not, we are each complicit in the effects of sin on our world.

Our complicity ranges in degree from willful ignorance to obstinate selfishness, but it is always there ñ tugging at our souls, tempting us to look no further than our own appetites.

And because we so often give in to that temptation, Christ continues to suffer in the poor and vulnerable.

God wants us to know this ñ to own it ñ but not to fill us with useless, toxic shame. Rather, God wants us to know how good we are despite our sinfulness and what incredible things we can accomplish when we allow Godís grace to flow through us.

CFCA strives to be a witness to human goodness and to the grace of God. The members of our community, both sponsors and sponsored persons, understand that the nature of blessing is to return increased to the one who sent it. They have known resurrection and yearn to share it with others.

And how much more does God yearn to share resurrection with us! But first things first.

We cannot own resurrection without first owning the cross, and this week is about the cross. Each of us must respond to the reality of the cross. We must lean in to it.

It isnít easy. It isnít pleasant. But take heart.

For Easter awaits.

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