Apr 11 2011

CFCA’s spring letter-writing challenge

April is National Card and Letter-Writing Month. Our surveys indicate about 66 percent of CFCA sponsors write their friend at least once a year. We’d like to increase that number!

We’re asking our sponsors to take a “letter-writing challenge.” The steps are simple:

  1. Write your friend and send a photo of you and your family if you haven’t already done so. If you need inspiration, check out some letter-writing tips.
  2. Tell us about it in the comments below. Here are some questions to consider:
  • What were your most memorable letter moments?
  • Any letter-writing tips to share with us?
  • What was your experience like?

Two sponsored friends from El Salvador, Kilmer and Maria, explained what they’d like to hear from their sponsors through letters:

Kilmer, sponsored eight years: “[I write] three regular letters each year and one Christmas card. What I like most is to make drawings. Sometimes I draw flowers, or Winnie the Pooh.

I like writing to my sponsors. In my last letter, I wrote them I was sick, I had a fever. I also told them that during Christmas, I shot off rockets [fireworks]. I tell them that sometimes I feel good, and sometimes I feel bad.

I would like to know about my sponsor when they are coming here, where they work, what they do there. I would like to know more about them.”

Maria, sponsored about two years: “Every year I write [my sponsors]. I like it because I feel very content with their help. They have never written, because my sponsors changed.

I would like to know them. I donít know how many hugs I would give them if they were here. Everything my sponsors have given me is good.

I like everything and I thank them for everything they have done for us because we need their help. I would like to see them even if it is only in a photograph.”

Thanks, and we appreciate your support!

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  1. I really enjoy writing to my sponsored children. If I find I do not have time for a letter I will buy “hello” or “thinking of you” cards, then write a few lines of encouragement on the card. I try to write every 6 weeks. I love receiving letters from them and have saved all of them. The drawings that they work so hard on are beautiful. When I visited my child in Honduras she had every letter, card, picture and things that I had sent to her. I felt so much closer to this child and her family after my visit. I hope I will also get to meet my other sponsored children.

  2. I write to my sponsored child about 6 times a year. This past year I had the priveledge to go to Guatemala and meet her.I have been Mildred’s sponsor for over three years. The best days are those in which I receive a letter from her.While I was in Guatemala, I also met her younger brother and now I’m a sponsor for him as well. I am looking forward to receiving my first letter from him. I will be sending him his first letter as soon as I receive the labels. It is just so awesome to write and receive letters!! I felt as if I already knew Mildred when we went to meet her because of all the great letters! Please write to the children, they are the most appreciative children I have ever met!!

  3. I have been a part of CFCA for almost a year now. Letter writing is a wonderful part of the sponsorship program because you get to know your sponsored friends better and they can get to know you and it gives them encouragement to succeed. I sponsor several children and feel blessed to be able to do so. I try to write at least every other month and I have received several letters in return. Just today I received a letter from the first little girl I signed up to sponsor and it absolutely brightened my day. I just finished writing her reply that will go out tomorrow.

  4. I have written my friend Sayra several letters since I first started my sponsorship. And I have received several letters from her as well over the past few years.

    Last August I made an awareness trip and got to meet my friend and her father. Our meeting was truly an awesome event for the three of us. Sayra and I immediately bonded.

    Continuing on our visit to the project, I was privileged to also meet another family of which two little girls were sponsored. Through our interpreter we learned that neither of the girls had ever received a letter from their sponsor, and although the sponsorship has made a great improvement in their lives, they would love to hear from their sponsor. This really impressed me and motivated me to continue letter-writing as a very important piece of my sponsorship.

    I would just extend a plea from two little girls and thousands of others for sponsors to not only give their dollars to a wonderful foundation, but to give a little personally by writing a letter to your sponsored friend. Your friend wants to know you!

  5. I have sponsored a college-age man for the past 5 years. He always wrote telling me how he was doing in school, what the weather was like, etc. But I never wrote him. I felt awful, for years I had been reading about his life, while he absolutely nothing about mine. I wanted to write him, just never had the time, or it was never in my mental list of things to do for the day. Then six months ago, I did it. I finally sat down and wrote Krishna a letter, even included a couple pictures of my family.

    A couple months later, I received a letter from him. This time, there was soooo much enthusiasm. He was excited to hear from me, glad that he finally was getting to know me, instead of just the other way around. He referenced things in his letter that I had even forgotten I had written (now I make copies of my letters, so I don’t forget).

    I like writing letters to my sponsored friend. It is now on my mental list of things to do, I think about him more, pray for him more and ask God to let me know of more things I can do to help those a little less fortunate than we are.

    Write your sponsored child, its fun!

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