Apr 29 2011

CFCA youth group in Kenya cleans house – literally

We received this report from a CFCA youth group in Nairobi, Kenya. Several months after their visit, Beatrice passed away. It is a blessing that the youth were able to extend this gesture of kindness to make her final months more comfortable.

Sponsored youth from Nairobi, Kenya, made life a little brighter for two elderly women.

CFCA youth group in Kenya

Sponsored youth in Kenya help wash dishes for two aging women, Beatrice and Serah.

Members of the “Future Beacon” youth group live in the Kangemi and Kibagare slums and attend college, university and technical schools. They formed a group to support each other and serve the surrounding community.

As a service project, the youth visited two women sponsored through Nairobi’s Hope for a Family program. The women live in the Kibagare slum and have no immediate family members to take care of them.

Beatrice, 66, could hardly move because of a respiratory condition. She lived with her 8-year-old grandson.

When the youths arrived at her home, Beatrice was trying to clean her floor while seated.

The energetic youth went to work washing dishes piled in the sink, cleaning out cupboards, fetching water, straightening the house and preparing her lunch.

“My house is now clean and fresh, thanks to you young people,” Beatrice said after the youth finished. “May God bless you.”

At 78, Serah was still strong enough to prepare her own meals. She lost all of her eight children in Kenya’s war for independence in the 1960s.

The youth listened with interest to Serah’s stories about the struggle for independence as they washed her clothes and cleaned her dishes.

The activity gave the youth an opportunity to appreciate the wisdom and experience of the elderly in their community.

“It’s a great honor and a joy to offer the aging of CFCA a helping hand,” Victor, the group’s chairperson, said.

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