Mar 2 2011

How long is 8,000 miles?

Bob on Walk2getherCFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen is walking 8,000 miles through 12 countries in Latin America to shed light on families living in poverty.

Do you know how long 8,000 miles is?

  • It’s twice the length of the continental United States.
  • It’s roughly the diameter of the planet Earth.
  • It’s like walking the Boston Marathon approximately 300 times.

We’re hoping to put together an infographic explaining just how long 8,000 miles is, and we’re asking for your help! Do you have other comparisons or measurements to help our audience grasp how long Bob’s walk really is?

0 thoughts on “How long is 8,000 miles?”

  1. According to a Google website, the average stride length is 2.5 feet ….approximately 2000 steps per mile…times 8000 miles equals approx. 16 MILLION STEPS!

  2. The Empire State Building is 1,250 ft tall. 8000 miles is 42,240,000 ft. Walking 8000 miles is like walking the height of the Empire State Building 33,792 times.

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